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The District is occasionally contacted about website options for our local churches. Or churches contact us wondering if they even need a website now with the prevelance of socia media. Personally, I think every church needs a web presence but most can probably get by with a YouTube Channel, Facebook, and/or Twitter (or instagram, etc). A website offers the ability to post easily accessed worship/staff/beliefs info, photos, etc. You can provide this on Facebook but you have to be very intentional about organizing your Facebook Page in a user-friendly way and ensuring it's kept up to date and important info is easily located. Posting docs on social media is not an option unless you have another means to host those documents, as social media only allows posting of links to where the docs are hosted. You can host pdfs on FB but it's not optimum by a long shot and most likely will not function to your liking. If you can get by without needing to provide access to documents, need domain based emails, etc. you can probably deal with just social media accounts. 
If you are looking for a place to host your website, I highly recommend UMCOM's website service. Not only do they offer hosting but they also offer Wordpress-based websites that are very easy to utilize. Prices start at $5 a month for the basic plan up to $19 for the Gold plan. It provides emails as well. I've used UMCOM's website services multiple times in the past for numerous churches or ministries and was always happy with the results. They can walk you through porting your domain over to them, offer grants, and support videos, etc.