The Rappahannock River District United Methodist Women is a community of over 1,000 women in 47 churches. The total program of United Methodist Women is mission. We see the world through a mission lens. We understand our role as women in mission to be advocates for women, children, and youth and the marginalized in the world. We pray, learn, teach, and act for change in today's injustice-filled world. Through mission work dedicated to changing unjust realities, we embody God's presence in the world.

Are you yearning to be a part of a caring fellowship of women where you can contribute your God-given gifts and talents to serve others in a safe, encouraging environment? If so, look no further. Join the unit at your local church, or contact me if your church does not have a unit. There are several options we can pursue to get you connected and involved. Let's Make It Happen, Together!

Penny Kelly, President

Rappahannock River District United Methodist Women
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Mission Encounter 2019 is coming up! For more information, and to read the latest UMW Newsletter, check out the UMW Resource page

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